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About cruising

Why you
should cruise
People have preconceived notions about a "cruise" experience. If you’ve been on a cruise and liked it, then you know how fun and relaxing it can be.

You get on board, unpack and settle in for the duration of the voyage, which can encompass any number of exciting ports, often traversing different countries. There’s no need to repack, check-in or deal with any of the necessities inherent in a land-based experience. Perhaps you’ve been on cruise and felt it wasn't your cup of tea. Maybe it was too resort-like, because you sailed on a large ocean cruiser. However, there are many types of cruises to satisfy anyone’s taste, from those who crave the nightlife to others of like a tranquil experience in a remote part of the world like the Galapagos Islands. CruisingStore.com guarantees you will find something extraordinary and irresistible on the waters of this wide world!

No other mode of travel offers the great value of a cruise vacation. The offers are outstanding as the world’s cruise lines vie for your participation. In the meantime, the ships are getting more elegant, offering more activities and really going over-the-top with superb dining choices, sports bars and al fresco grills. Some of the world’s leading chefs share their culinary secrets and their household names with cruise line dining venues. The same goes for on-board entertainment with familiar brands like Cirque du Soleil and live performances by well-known musicians.

Generally, there are three categories of cruises:

  • Cruises on ocean liners
  • Specialty cruises on smaller ships (river and sea options)
  • River cruises (widely available in European destinations)

Each of these general cruise types breaks down into various sub-categories: luxury versus contemporary cruising as defined by the ship and its amenities; cultural and natural history cruises which normally take place on small ships and river cruises; themed departures which can feature experiences such as live music concerts, culinary themes, notable guest lecturers; one-of-a-kind charters, etc. You’ll find all these options and more through CruisingStore.com.

When you cruise, you are never stuck in one place. Each day of a cruise is an opportunity to wake up in a new place and step off the ship to explore the port and its people. Land excursions abound, from tours included in your fare to special opportunities which can be booked separately, enabling you to venture off for the day on a guided tour, zip line adventure, bird watching, exploring ancient ruins, dog sledding…you name it! At the end of the day, it’s back to the cozy comforts of your stateroom and the always-magnificent dining experiences.

Fun for all ages

While cruising is a perfect travel mode for adults enjoying their later years, expect a thoroughly satisfying experience if you’re taking children. Large cruise lines, in particular, offer extraordinary accommodations for families and kids. From go-cart tracks to water slides and climbing walls to roller coasters, cruise lines are pulling out all the stops when it comes to outdoing one another with theme-park attractions.

In addition to on-board thrills, many land excursions carry strong appeal to families. Touch down on a glacier by booking a helicopter excursion, snorkel with stingrays in sparkling Caribbean waters, ascend into the rainforest canopy on an aerial tram…the options are incredible and unforgettable.


When planning a vacation, you don’t have to decide between two options; cruise or land. In fact, the best consideration might very well be both! Cruises offer pre- and post-cruise opportunities focused on exploring a destination via hotel stays and inland tours.

CruisingStore.com adds not only the packaged pre- and post-tours offered by our cruise lines, but also options to create your own custom experience, choosing your own hotels and a selection of private or small group tours. Dine at that restaurant you read about in Gourmet Magazine, stay at the boutique luxury hotel you saw in Architectural Digest. We are building the one-and-only online platform for tailoring a cruise vacation experience of your design!